Canada’s best private golf club.

A fraternity of people who love golf—that’s The National Golf Club of Canada. An equity club, The National is the perfect golf club for those who not only enjoy the camaraderie of the game, but demand the best.

The National offers it all—a great location in Woodbridge, just outside of Toronto; an incredible timeless clubhouse created with the latest modern amenities; a world-class practice facility with recognized instructors; and a golf course crafted under the combined genius of George and Tom Fazio. Tom Fazio, one of the best architects in the history of the sport, consults to the club to this day, ensuring it remains true to its conception.

For more information regarding membership at The National Golf Club, please email: admin@nationalgolf.ca

Our Vision

To be the number one golf club in Canada.

Our Mission

To pursue and maintain the status as a world-class golf course, supported by excellent professional, dining and locker facilities in simple functional surroundings.

To provide Members and their guests with an exceptional golf experience, with an emphasis on superior golf course conditioning, service, professionalism and overall staff knowledge.

To value and promote within the membership the highest standards of the game of golf and reflect its traditions, especially courtesy, self-discipline, and honour.

Guest Experience

As a guest of a National Member, the club wants you to have a thoroughly enjoyable golf experience. The National is a club that prides itself on its adherence to the etiquette of the sport at all times. To ensure you’ll enjoy yourself at The National, please note:

1. Appropriate attire is requested at the club. Traditionally gentlemen have worn long trousers on the course. However, knee-length Bermuda shorts and a tucked-in collared golf shirt is also acceptable. Cargo shorts or pants and capri pants are not permitted.

2. Please use the guest locker room to change your shoes. Guest lockers are available.

3. Jackets are encouraged in the Dining Room after 5 pm.

4. Mobile devices must be on silent at all times and can be used in all areas of the clubhouse to check messages. Phone calls on mobile devices can only be used in the Fazio Lounge and patio areas, the locker rooms, clubhouse hallway, and front entrance patio areas.

5. Cash tipping is prohibited.